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live-now-or-die-bitch said: ciao boo 💕 mi manchi un sacco. spero tantissimo tu riesca a venire a Milano per il mio compleanno, così posso abbracciarti. ti voglio bene e te ne vorrò per sempre, ricordatelo. 💕


Aw ti voglio bene anche io cake 💕 giuro che farò tutto il possibile per esserci 💕💕


meet the blogger

Meet the blogger
Name: Valentina
Age: almost 16 (-16 days)
Gender: female
Self photo: I can’t right now bc I’m on my phone, maybe later

Food: pancakes OMFG
Drink: Arizona green tea with honey 
Book: the fault in our stars (I think…I love too many books lol)
Movie: Star Trek, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, Teen Beach Movie (I’m such an R5 fan)
TV Shows: The Fosters
Band: Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, 5SOS, The Neighborhood, The 1975,…do I really have to go on?
Place: my room 
School subject: english
Sports: snowboarding
Male Actor: Chris Pine 
Female Actor: Shailene Woodley & Jennifer Lawrence

Siblings: younger sister (12) and brother (8)
Dream Job: radio speaker
Fears: not be enough, spiders, storms 
Religion: Catholic
Tattoos: Nope
Piercings: nope
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Deutsch, basic French

Reason behind your URL: idk hahahahah I want to change it
Why you joined: bc I used to take pic from here and, idk, I just joined
First URL: this one, I think
# of blogs: 2

I’m tagging: anyone who wants to do this lol